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Josiane Fonseca

"Cissa is the best trainer I've ever worked with. She helped me to go beyond my limits. Thank you for giving me the greatest motivation to achieve all these incredible results."


“With all the love, affection and determination Cissa taught us that there is no magic but a lot of determination to reach our goals!  thank you my friend!"


"I don't particularly like to exercise, but life is short and I was forced to exercise because of health reasons and for the first time, I like it.  She is a wonderful person, she makes me feel comfortable. The Studio is happy atmosphere.  She became more than a personal trainer, now a good friend. "

Bethania Cabral

"One word to decribe my experience at Fitness Studio is AWSOME! I’m very shy when it comes to working out at the gym, feeling like everybody is watching and judging. Working with Cissa made me feel confident and inspired to push myself to do more. Very grateful for everything she does!" 

Nath Monteiro

"Cissa has a gift for health lifestyle and fitness always helping others achieve their goals. She is an inspiration in the way she lives her own life and a true example of what a healthy lifestyle can do for someone. She is always positive and uplifting. For sure my life is better because of her."

Erika Oliveira &

Sarah Volpe

“With Cissa I have found a way to workout with my daughter and a good exercise experience with someone who really knows what to be done with passion and focus.
Cissa gives you the tools needed to lose weight, build muscle while having fun.”

Luana Faria

"It was one of my best choices to change certain habits and with that to have the opportunity to get to know Cecília's work, she is my first person personal trainer. I had never done any physical activity. Cecilia motivates me a lot. I hadn't stop to think that simple attitudes make the biggest differences. I made the best decision choosing Cecilia to be my personal trainer. "

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